Overall, I felt that I learned a decent amount of material in English Composition 102. I personally don’t consider myself to be much of a writer and honestly had no expectations in the beginning of the semester. I did fine in English Composition 101, but it wasn’t that great of an experience. English has always been … Continue reading Reflection


Annotated Bibliography

What are the most common stereotypes seen in comedy? What movies contain the most racially offensive stereotypes? How do these stereotypes influence the way the public sees minority groups? How do stereotypes impact minority races in how they portray them in comedy films? Are all members of minority groups negatively affected by these stereotypes?

A Closer Look at Sephora

It was a nice Saturday afternoon and a visit to the mall sounds perfect. A 15-20 minute drive away from my house was the mall that I frequent to. Because it was the weekend, many cars were packed in the parking lot and finding a good parking spot was a hassle. After what seemed like ages, I found an empty spot and quickly entered the huge mall.